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Powerful yet Accessible
Rules-Based Scheduling

MA3000’s rules-based scheduling automatically provides a list of court deadlines required by local court rules and ensures that deadlines are scheduled accurately, taking into consideration applicable court holidays and date calculation rules.

Reduce the risk of malpractice claims resulting from missed appearances and deadlines with MA3000’s key features.

Easily Choose a Rule Set
Select the jurisdiction for your case and MA3000 automatically applies the correct rules, accurately and consistently.

Automatically Trigger Related Calendar Events
MA3000 enters applicable deadlines when you docket a critical event.

Review the Rules Yourself
MA3000 lets you see the text of the procedural rule used to schedule an event.

Support for Adjournments
MA3000 recalculates the dates of any deadlines dependent upon an event being adjourned.

Rules Always Up-to-Date
MA3000 is integrated with a rules server that is always up-to-date.
No need to download and install updates.