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MA3000 Case Data Services*

Unique in the industry, MA3000 integrates information directly from the courts to keep you up-to-date on case events, such as appearances, decisions and judge assignments.

NYLJ Search
Automatically create dockets and diaries from case data transmitted by state and federal courts.

Email Alerts
Receive notice of case events as soon as they are entered in court records or posted on court websites. E-filed documents included where available.

Case History
View a complete up-to-the-minute history of case events.

Judge’s Profile
Access profiles of judges assigned to a case, including the judge’s curriculum vitae, the individual rules, recent decisions and any rulings rendered by an appellate court on those decisions.

*Services available in select jurisdictions including virtually all U.S. courts, New York State courts, New Jersey Superior Courts; and the Superior Courts for Los Angeles and San Francisco counties. More courts coming soon!